Monday, November 24, 2008

my tanning session @ sepang!!

i started my day.. with my most LOVABLE world class act! I SULK over sumthing... and baby!! is the world most understanding-bf-at-times (aha! not all the time .. but sumtimes) he just wait and wait until i finish with my sulking session!

i am sorry baby!

anyway... the day would have been better if fairuz won.. but hey... its a technical problem over sumthing (from what i heard from kak niza.. ehem ehem sumthing hot from the paddock.. the A1 team owner said that Fairuz doesnt understand english!! haih!!1 how can that be!!!its absurd! cant be) - i am dissapointed

aaaa.. and this is the safety car! cantik bukan....

and there he was..

and there they were... haih... kikikikikik

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