Friday, November 07, 2008

i dont feel like writing...

i am not in the mood of writing or editing my french lace project banner!!! hukhuk... everything seems so hard! making decision is soo hard! erkekekekeke....

well.. umi, abah n kak nor ajak gi jakarta!.. i would love to go! i want to go! but i guess my work commitment wont let me to!

anyway... there are still many things to decide!!
1. how would my dress looks like
2. the wedding favors
3. when are we going to see papa, go to the wedding course, HIV tests.. ekekekeke
4. baju bertandang.. what kind of design i want

haih.... plus my work load is not getting any lighter! too much work with too little time!!

haih... i am tired.. i want to sleep..

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