Saturday, November 22, 2008

yusuf estes wa brilliant...

Alhamdulillah.... we've made it to yusuf estes talk on 'why should we believe in god'... interesting topic huh!.. ! seriously.. i really like the way he convey his da'wah.. hiks hiks.. baby and i are planning to go for his next lecture!

hiks hiks before that... baby had the courtesy of showing me around UM... well i got to see where's my baby had his kayak training.... his college... Kolej tun ahmad zaidi...UM library (uuu i'm soo impress with the library!!! i could spend days in that library!! oooo there goes the geek in me!)

anyway.. i really had to comment on the organizer tho! it is really sad to see that the Persatuan Mahasiswa Islam UM is not up to the standard of bringing along the Universiti Malaya name..

i guess they need to mix around with the 'outside society'.. learn to speak proper simple english (ehem.. hiks hiks.. i do have grammatical error!)... learn how to organize an international talk... hiks hiks.. and learn how not to repair you windows media player setting.... and show it thru the projector to the audience while the speaker is starting to gave his speech!! u people ar ridiculous!!

omg i am sooo sleepy...

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sanchez7 said...

abis dah pahala sbb kutuk org kekekek