Monday, July 18, 2011

toy for kaliq

hehe another entry on kaliq... ahahaha yup because mummy and daddy obsession now is on kaliq and kaliq only (errrr and harry and prime and FIFA and cooking hey!!! me and hubs still have our own obsession... but lets just talk about kaliq this time)

kaliq is turning 3months. Alhamdulillah the little pumpkin is turning out alright... haha dah pandai cranky2 and last two nights.. he throws a tantrum just before went to bed. panic woo bila kaliq nangis mcm tu... :)

i am not a supermom at all.. bila kaliq buat hal cemtu je.. terus jerit.."babe!!!!..." terus superhubby come to the rescue. when it comes to kaliq i became soo panicky and i just stand and fidget.. ahaahaha

anyway.. at three months baby should be able to:
  • recognizes Mommy, and is interested in others' faces.
  • Lying on his tummy, he can support himself on his elbows and raise his chest.
  • She turns her head toward a sound and watches you as you speak.
  • He knows if something is familiar to him.
  • She can swipe at an object but does not reach for it.
  • When toys are placed in his hand, he can grasp them and wave them around.
last part tu.. he can grasp toys..!! aha!!! its time to buy kaliq's some toy!! hiks hiks... and this is what eextracted from

At around three months, babies start grasping objects within reach. And they start to learn that they can make things happen! Shake a rattle, get a noise. Try it again … and start to understand the magic of cause-and-effect.

What you can do to help your baby learn more:

  • To start, place the ring in baby's hand and shake it gently. Babies at this age are just beginning to have control over grasping—they can hold on and let go on purpose—so your baby will probably be very interested in grabbing, shaking and dropping a rattle.
  • Help baby exercise his coordination skills by holding the ring in front, shaking it, and letting him reach for the rattle. Put the rattle in baby's hand, shake it and say, "Hear that sound? You did that!" Emphasizing the reward will make him want to try again.
  • Choose a ring that's big enough to let baby hold on with both hands. Place it in baby's hand; he'll grab on with one hand, and then with the other, and then let go with one. This action will develop into the skill of being able to pass an object from hand to hand.

and so mlm tadi bawak kaliq gi Toys r us and bought him a key set.. harap2 bolehlah kaliq main2 with the keys,...

ok thats all.. back to work now.

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