Wednesday, November 09, 2011

aha! the long awaited entry!

have to put this entry down or i will definitely forget what happened that day!

8/10/2011 t'was the date we moved to Glasgow.

hihihi... the house is in a MESS!! kaliq was sick - and cranky.. and i havent had enough sleep.. and to make things worst we havent finish packing!! urghhhh

i was about to gave up actually.. but hey! i have signed the work agreement and etc etc kekeke and i have to start working on the 10..

and sooo... we started the day early.. hubs went to sent tv, books and all valuable item that we intended to keep. i actually cant remember what we did that day! hahahaha

all i know hubs did not asleep that night.. cleaning and clearing few things.. urghh...

i started packing at 3pm that day as i recalled.. ahahahah gile nak pindah permanently and we only pack on that day itself.. hahahahaha mmg kerja gila.

anyway... things are getting hairwired.. mom kept calling asking where the hell are we.. and i have not finished packing!!!

oh oh got to work now! i'll continue later...

btw, picture above shows baby-kaliq sleeping in his babycot on the emirates flight..

he is natural a traveler!!...

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