Tuesday, November 22, 2011

child - is it a thing? or is it life itself..

:) i am a little obsess with my baby. for me.. kaliq is my life now.. having a child is my life now.. so whatever i do.. kaliq's will be in it.. whatever planning i have in my mind.. places to go.. new ambition.. etc etc.. kaliq will be in it.. thus i never take him as something that happened in my life.. he is a part of my life.

hahahah apa makcik merapu? well i still cant get the statement from one of my friend wrote on his wife's FB wall (they are both phd candidate).. a 3 year old need to learn to eat by herself.. as they have limited time to compensate to all her need? hurmmmm

i may get the statement wrong.. but limited time to compensate a child's need? what is that?

i have ambition.. i have needs.. i know what i want to be.. and i am working on it.. but i never said that i will need to put a little diversion on that.. to compensate for my child's need.

kaliq will be in my life journey.. he will sit on my lap while i'm reading, he will eat from my hand while i have conversation with my hubs, he will sleep on my lap while i'm watching TV.. he will want to eat by himself.. not because i dont have time to feed him.. he will eat by himself because he wants to.. he will.. he will want to walk by himself and live by himself... but as long as he still need me.. i will be there.. as much as i can..

i will do my PhD.. sooner or later.. and i hope the title of PhD candidate will not put any idea in my head on compensating my precious time to my child's need.

* i realised that many PhD candidate (especially the young ones) doesnt have this appreciation and respect towards others.. hahahah ilmu yg ada bukannya byk sgt ... tak sampai setitik pun dgn ilmu Allah.. tapi nak beza2kan org.. hihi oh come on..

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