Tuesday, November 15, 2011

why be happy when you could be normal

Stop whining. Quit making excuses. Get down to doing not just the good things you've always wanted to do, but also those you have to do to make others and yourself feel good about. -yy

myself and hubs always sees ourselves as normal people with yuppies debt/day-dreaming-a-lot/failed business plan/work stress/couple quarel

the thing is.. as long as we learned from the past mistakes and not to do it again (hah! sometimes you need to be kocked twice before not doing the same mistake for the third timedue to pure ignorance and narcissim) i think we all going to be ok.

i learned one good lesson not to procrastinate too much (hahahahah mind the too much) as it will result a very poor quality of work..and i learned that time will wait for no (wo)men

be normal, try new things, never give up.. is a key quality which will eventually gives you happiness.

we are at the turn of a new adventure.. its time to be debtless/make new debt/travel to places we always dream aboout/raise a child(rens)

are you ready b?

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