Wednesday, November 16, 2011

bebelan lunch hour: confession of a workaholic-shoppaholic

kekekke the only thing get me connected to the world in this office is through the blog..
cant access any social networking site .. ahahaha (padan muka)

my era of berpoya-poyaing during work is OVER! hiks hiks.. well.. with the amount paid.. i dont really care.. really.. hiks hiks..

life here in glasgow.. is somewhat challenging.. i am starting to hate the weather! hahah same 'ol same 'ol.. then came to the part where i could not get malaysian cooked food that easily.. no more.. boleh-tak-kita-makan-nasi-goreng-usa je mlm nihh.. then i miss my old house.. although its not that extravagant.. but it has everything.. i miss kaliq's cot the most.. ahahahah skrg co-bed with budak debab.. dah la tidur lasak.. one night his feet on his father's face.. next my face.. urgh.. tido macam sapalah budak bertuah ni... we never teach kaliq to co-bed with us.. so it is kinda difficult.. (hopefully we can buy new bed soon)....then dressing up to work.. alahai.. ni bab paling lemah.. i usually wear track bottom je gi office.. ahahahaha i dont really bother to dressed up ke mende.. bgn mandi capai jeans.. capai t-shirt.. gi opis.. now kena pakai smart-casual.. OK! letih ok pakai smart.. sebab kena gosok baju.. ahahahaha (urghh aps has spoiled me) ...other than that nothing else to whine about..

to balance all out.. my house is a walking distance to the major shopping street.. in fact it is in one of the major shopping streets.. hah (grrrrrr geget2 jari) .. gila.. i want to have em all..
i want to buy everything.. put them all on the floor and stare at them for hours and hours..
then i have starbucks.. which is only 3 mins from home.. miahahahahah heaven terbang2 bau coffee pagi2

workwise.. i like it here.. less work more pay.. kekekek but more tedious work.. blueerrghhh means i need to do more reading.. bluerrghhh but i like it(i make the bluerrghhh sound just to sound cool.. but the true fact is i am a nerd.. bak kata budak2 kat uni dulu skema.. )

anyway.. i am making the same new year resolution.. to be debtless (at the moment i have cleared 3 debts.. going to clear 1 credit card soon.. yeah!!) so to achieve that.. i want to sell tie rack scarves over the internet.. ada sapa2 berminat ke agaknya? hihihi just to make things clear.. dulu2 i have spent more on what i have earned .. dulu masa mula2 kerja.. so dah 3 tahun duk cover balik things that i have wasted on hiks hiks.. (adik2 yg membaca.. berjimat sebelum terlambat.. haks)

ok mau solat.. (oh yeah.. opis ni ada bilik leh solat..and ada few muslims.. ) so ok lah kan.. amik wudhu kat bilik mandi.. ada dua bilik mandi kat sini.. (so takyah nak naikkan kaki kat singki macam kat uni dulu pastu matsaleh duk stare pehal minah ni basuh kaki kat sinki.. ahahahahaha)

anyway.. hubby me n kaliq are happy.

skrg nak mabuk tgk movie.. kitorg ada byk sgt movie nak tgk.. weekend.. akhirnya.. rafiddi's leh watch football at home..

oh oh.. ni lagi satu.. ASTRO supersports are wayyyyyy better than sky sports n espn sini.. cam bluek.. (ahahaha mcm tak caya je puji astro-si-lintah-darat-tu)

ok later world.

i miss malaysia sooo much.. minus the traffic jam..

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