Monday, November 14, 2011

autumn walk at kelvingrove park

autumn... definitely nothing to do... the day is shorter.. urghh the weather the cloud everything sums up the complete meaning of somber and gloomy!

anyway... decided to take a stroll at the kelvingrove park (ahahah at 3pm stroll in the park) hihihi - autmn walk.. means you walk into a a boring wood.. with no lively colour! .. tgh jalan2.. ada plak woof2 nih jalan kat kaki... aaaaaaaa.....

nothing much to do actually when you lived in glasgow and clubbing is not your culture.. ahaks... and it get worst when.. the day are shorter and shop closes at 5.

anyway... life is somewhat good here.. altho i have to admit.. it is not as easy as 7 years ago when i was here... being a student back then was easier.. ahahahahah nothing much to worry..

but i still feel a bit more relax here.. i do not need to travel.. drive my car to work and all.. my house is just 10 mins away from the office.. i do not have to worry about the traffic jams.. hiks hiks..

ok now.. when there's nothing else to do.. it;s a good time to loose the baby weight.. and kaliq is not breastfeeding anymore.. :)

wanted to loose 6.8kg!! let's do it!!

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