Wednesday, November 09, 2011

:) life has just started here in glasgow.

ok it has been almost a month since we moved here...
alhamdulillah getting most of the things sorted and i am at my 5th week in the new office.

so far i am really liking it! :) although i have to admit it is difficuolt to adjust to the new working environment.. i have completed 1 task and start doing another study... not bad for a new starter eh!...

:) kaliq is liking the weather.. hahah that lil boy of ours is born to be malay-cottish i guess.

hari raya was last sunday! and wan and ki had made a lamb. akikah for kaliq.. alhamdulillah.. :)

so another lamb... insyallah next year boleh buat sekor lagi.. the akikah was performed in mekah.. hopefully kaliq's aqiqah will accepted by Allah.

glasgow is getting colder everyday!!! urrgrhhhh brrrrrrrrr.... its freezing!!!

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