Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's crazy how you can go months or years without talking to someone but they still cross your mind everyday.

:) okeh.. saya bangun lambat hari ni!!! demmit.. itupun bukan saya yg bangun.. nasib baik hubby-baby terbangun.. 48 mins after 8 ahahahahahaha aduh.. gi keje tak mandi okeh! ahahahahah

ok. now i miss aps.

anyway.. ok what a way to start my thursday.. hey its friday tomorow! and next week will be my second pay day! hiks hiks.. sgt suke..

:) anyway, things are doing good here in the office.. atleast at this moment. I am liking my work.. maybe syok sendiri.. tapi mungkin tidak.. hihi..

i still remember the time when i presented a paper on harmonics in a colloquium.. arwah doc came to me and told me.. he like the way i present the previous paper on lightning better and he told me.. a hungarian professor came to him and told him that he got one brilliant lady working for him after i presented the paper. (hahahah a way of telling me that i did not present the paper the way it should be)- ngeh.. and he only told me about that after sometimes.. way to keep your people on ground kan.. and way to push up your confidence again kan..

my arwah doc is such a fantastic man. full of wisdom.

al-fatihah. i will keep you in my prayer next to my grandparents.
one brilliant lady engineer. amin. i hope it will keep me on the ground and push my confidence to the star.

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