Thursday, November 03, 2011

from KL to glasgow Pt.1

the decision wasnt spontaneous at all. it was in the planwhether is it possible or not.
well.. waddaya know.. it's all blessing from Allah.never thought that the interview will be soo calmly briefly smoothlydone. 3 interviews in a week.. monday, wednesday and thursday.. and voila.
we have earned our ticket to glasgow.
the process of getting from KL to glasgow is not easy at all.although the first part - gettin the job was miraculously smooth..
for me, the toughest obstacles was the VIsa and of course fund.
there's a relocation fees.. but it will only be paid when i join the company..and so... to move a family of three do require such a genormous amount.
hiks hiks.. the tickets alone costs 5k+, visa 6k+, gettin a house do the math!
anyway.. it's all worth it.. and all praise to Allah for showing us the way.
and appplying for the VISA.. it took me endless night and day.. just to go throughthe forms bit by bit..
will write about our journey later..

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