Wednesday, August 03, 2011

series of unfortunate events..

what a weekend!!!

friday 29th July 2011

teeheee... friday morning was beautiful.. i cooked the best meehoon ever!(ahahah kata hubs la.. sampai perut dia pun tekejut sebab sedap..) pack everything.. and went to the office gleefully... oh oh and it was beautiful because it was raining!!! arrived at aps.. park my car and headed to the lift lobby. by this time.. the rain had stop .. on my way to the lift lobby... tiba!! *#&$*@(!!!! i slipped and fell... nasib baik tak tersembam muka... but i did a split.. kekekek *mmg lah sakit... * nasib baik ada awek india ni sorang tolong angkat.. urgghhhh

that afternoon, ada farewell lunch at aps.. *tak mcm farewell lunch pun..* sian kat daus.. but oh well whaddaya expect... kekekekekek.. and i felt a little feverish.. aik.. takkan kot jatuh bleh demam..

call hubs.. *demam urat tuh tekejut* ekekekek anyway at the same time i was anticipating for the cameron 'jalan-jalan' trip organized by erol n abg pejal.. . the last time i went to cameron when i was 9 years old.. ahahahah gile lama tak gi cameron.. oh well.. kaki teseliuh ok lagi kalau nak gi.. ahahahah *semangat*

in the evening i went to demc to have the sprain enkle a check and whaddaya know.. i was on a fever.. 38.9deg... panas ye tuan2 dan puan2... still masih lagi ok... but the fever worsened over the night... and hubby called the trip off.. but if the fever drop in the morning then the trip is on again... *that were the deal* yeay.. 9pm or so.. dozed off... kesian baby kaliq.. daddy je jaga sampai mlm...

saturday 30th July 2011

woke up .. and feel a little bit better.. but with a burning sensation down my throat.. i can feel my left tonsil swollen... aiseh... hubby got up.. ask me whether i still want to go to cameron.. and YES... i said.. lets pack up n go...

hubby just realised that the car need a quick service before we went up.. ye lah skrg dah ada baby .. his safety is utmost important.. hihi.. so while he went to have the minor service... i pack up.. making sure everything is available for baby kaliq..

eh.. alahai baby kaliq takde sweater... kekekeke hubs arrived at home.. and i was ready packed! and ajak hubby singgah kat kedai jap nak beli sweater kaliq.. ahahah still *semangat*

lari kejap.. grab a sweater for kaliq and 2 bushas.. yelah anak mummy sorang ni tido dahler berkipas je.. takut kesejukan plak.. and off we go to cameron.. dlm hati dah plan nak beli sayur apa... teh songket and strawberries.. and all sort of cakes and goodies yang boleh dibuat dgn strawberries itu..

anticipating on trip like this is fun! double fun when najmi and ayu planned to join us.. what more can you say... the more the merrier!! we stopped at tapah rnr while waiting for them both, had lunch.. and kaliq was enjoying his view. He seems to be fascinated by the crowd in tapah..
as soon as najmi arrived we make our way to cameron! here goes..

after turns and corners.. we nearly approaching the first town.. RInglet! yippee!!! when suddenly we saw few cars stopped in front of us.. we were expecting traffic.. but nooooo.... the road was blocked by a big tree... not even a motorbike can get passed it.. *sigh*

it has now turned into a street party.. where every one had parked their car.. came out and join with the tree commotion! haha... even the mat saleh came and picked up leaves and branches.. just to lift up their hope to get to the destination...

we waited and waited.. and it had became clear that cameron is not welcoming us.. from the incident in front of the lift.. my sudden fever and now.. the tree..

i urged baby to just forget about cameron.. and went home.. i do not want to drive to simpang pulai.. night time.. with baby kaliq.. no-no... maybe next time insyallah...

and today... my throat is still hurting.. both of my tonsil still swollen and i find it hard to swallow anything sigh!!...

hoping for a better days...

cameron i will visit you. one day. Insyallah. :)

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