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my dear little darling - birth story


baru nak tulis pasal birth story..
hiks hiks...

birth story little kaliq mmg pendek aje..

20th April 2011

Journey to motherhood

I was actually scheduled for a routine checkup on April the 20th, although doctor has reminded us that if he found that I already dilated he will assist the labor. At 38 weeks, I doubt that I will start dilated.. hence, the ‘kepoyo-an’ of ‘eleh-sure-tak-beranak-nyer’ really set in my head. Late as usual, we arrived at DEMC, I did the ctg and no active contraction was monitored – lagilah berbunga2 hati.. ok I still got time.. (teringat malam tadi tak sempat nak makan durian).

The doctor came at 11-ish, did the internal examination for few minutes (ouccchhhhhhh!!! Kekeke its not the best feeling ok!).. with smiling face, he gave me a thumbs up.. ‘well done!!! Good job.. you are 3 cm dilated.. dah boleh beranak ni’ he inserted some sort of pill inside me and gave me 4 hours, if no active labor-ish signs.. he said he will start on IV-ish induction.. – hahaha hamek.. beranak la hari nih. at first mmg contraction tak sgt.. dgn hubby terlupa nak bg makan my precious furballs.. tertinggal charger phone... planning punya lah best.. tapi still mcm mcm tertinggal.. since i mcm confirm2 beranak lambat lagi... i asked him to go home and settled all the things...

Cut the story short, at 2.30pm doctor came in again to check on me. hubby pon selamat sampai dari rumah (nasib baik.... hiks hiks) Contraction was every 4 minutes hihi I was responding well to the pill (well done?) he only smiled and said ok! Few minutes later a nurse came in gave me poo-poo medicine (mmg wonder ok.. tak sampai 5 mins.. mmg buang habes) n put me on iv (air gula katanya… nk beranak dah!) what???!!! Nak beranak dah? ‘eh nanti2! I kept asking how many cm and they just smiled and ask me back..’ ‘err.. what did the doctor said?’..

Another nurse came in and told me that she is going to break the amniotic sack (hah??!!) next, I could feel the hot water dripping out of me, and it hits me ‘ok labor is imminent’.

Soon, I felt a terrible pain (nak beranak ke nak poo-poo nih) told the nurse that my stomach hurts and rasa nak poo-poo sgt2.. she ask me to go poo-poo. I went to the toilet but nothing happened, ok! I’m not poo-poo ing might be something else.

At this point it was too painful, I ask my hubby to get a nurse and request for some painkillers. The nurse came in with the injection; she checked on me and said I am still far from labor and gave me the painkiller, another nurse came in and ready to teach me on breathing techniques and how to use the face-mask-ish pain-killer(kot)-thingy.

I was reaching for the face-mask, but before I could inhale the happy-gas the nurse gave a shrieked.. ‘eh! Dah bukak habis nih.. letak balik! Letak balik!! Reluctantly I gave the face mask to hubby.. no happy gas! N I just got the injection..’

Nurse n doctors came rushing in.. one nurse teach me how to push (I learnt one thing bout myself.. I m not a fast learner!!)..They ask me to push, and I am not pushing at all. I took a very short breath; hence, pushing is like pulling the baby back up.

My husband was my knight in shining armor! He held me tightly, making sure that I don’t tilt my body n instruct me to breathe n push. All the nurses followed him (hihi I never knew that hubby is able to pull such a brave-act). Since, im not good in pushing, a kiwi-vacuum was used to help me to get the baby out.

It was a brief painful-experience, as soon as they put kaliq on me.. all the pain disappear and the painkiller kicks in… hahaha! I was soo drowsy.. kikiki smiling sheepishly all the way the stitching process. And that is how I became a mother!!

Special thanks to hubs. I could not do it without you. NASIB BAIK YOU SEMPAT SAMPAI HOSPITAL!!


and finally.. syukur Alhamdulillah.. all Praised to Allah the almighty.. walaupun terlampau sakit .. (yay i did it without painkiller) tapi sekejap aje... and Abdul Kaliq Nasri bin Abdul Rafiddi.. was perfect. Alhamdulillah.

terlampau bersyukur

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