Monday, September 12, 2011

off being a wife, mother and an employee.

well.. i know it has been a while i write. just some pictures with little caption.

believe me i want to write about soo many things.. things about being a mother, being a wife while being a mother and being a worker while being a mother and a wife.

but being all the above has taken a toll out of me. I have to admit i am still juggling badly all of the above.

i want to concentrate on my work - but my thoughts turn to baby kaliq, i want to spend quality time baby kaliq-then my thoughts turn to the dishes,laundry and chores, i want to do house chores- but my mind resenting and turning to the other two.

eh wait... where is hubs and me in between all these?!!!

aiseyman!!! i have neglected two person that should get my attention! sheesh!!! this is why some housewives need a maid or help. you cant always have what you want .. or be what you want.

i am certainly not bree. but i can be bree if i quit this 9-5 job. but can i stop doing what i love? can i? can i?

i am getting fatter! a sore to hubs eyes.. ahahahah sian dia.. bini dia dah gemuk... a sore to my eyes too... org suh pakai pb, buti dont believe ni premium2 beautiful just another mlm scam. wear something tight that cost 2K above would certainly kills your appetite.. plus tgk yg jual pb tu gemuk2 je.. ahahahaha... oooopppppsss dah menyimpang..

anyway, i am trying to do the 20 mins house chores. buat satu hari 20 mins to make sure your home in spik and span condition.

i just want to be able to take control of myself again! *sigh*

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