Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dewan Bankuet MBSA, Shah Alam

ok.. since ada org tanya bout my wedding nyer hall... here are some info for you lass out there...

Name: Dewan Bankuet MBSA
Location: located in the heart of shah alam (i will give you my map... at the end of this entry pada siapa2 yang nak buat kad kawen tu) easy access dari mana mana kawasan sekalipun..
Parking space: ample (senang dan byk) kalau perasan its located at the bangunan
Rental: 3.5K (plus 1K deposit) you will need to pay full (rm 4.5k) once you get the hall confirmation from MBSA. (dont be fooled by the information in the MBSA website.. its says that you have to pay 1K first followed by the full rental amount 2 weeks before the reception.. kekkeke they will ask you to pay in full rm4.5k there and then!... nasib baik haritu ada cash.. kalau tak nangis!!)
500 pax/ dewan (sitting but you can have more if its come and go!)
Contact number to check on the hall availability and booking:
03-55222762 but you will still need to go there personally to fill in some forms. and make sure you call them to check on your application status.
the interior of the hall - theme white and yellow

what you get with: 50 tables, 500 banquet chairs, rostrum, PA system (2 mic) , a technician,
things that you need to know: the lighting cannot be di
mmed and all.. ahahahha dirog takut meletop.
caterer: your own choice... :) i have 2 quotations 1- rm30/pax for 400 people (plus dais+ plus arch walkway, table piece, bunga pahar, make up, baju pengantin).. Tak termasuk lauk makan beradab.. (rm250)
The dais

*my table setting - no dome.. with white flower centre piece
ii) for catering and dais only without make up and baju rm11,305/500 pax (no dome)

card for for the hall reception: rm1.62 (bought at pasar baru bandung printed at pelabuhan klang RM1 for hot stamping)

wedding favor: box bridezilla@husbandstein Co. inside muffin from noraini's cookies (RM0.90/pcs)

PA system mmg kena sewa lain if you want to have it a little bit proper. I lost my supplier punya number.

Fresh flowers mm takleh nak harap pada wedding planner.. (kekkeke mcm tak cukup) bought another 120 dozens from cameron.
wedding walk in song : nak jalan dari main door to pelamin will take about 4 min plus.. (hihi sudah practise) http://miszdior.blogspot.com/2010/01/wedding-walk-in-song.html

:) i dont really dig songket... i have the idea of wearing chiffons etc etc.. but since hubby insist on songket.. so here goes... its ok...

aannnnndddddd here's the map! hiks hiks cant remember where i got it. but i believe dari internet jugak.. :)


zamri said...

bro..thanks for the info. Just asking...what is the total expenditure incurred for the wedding...nak buat budget la sikit.

7's baby said...

dear Zamri,

bro takdak.. sikit busy.. but i think i can help you. :) total expenditure on the reception only or the whole wedding? for the hall reception it is less than 20K.

Diyana said...

hi, boleh email map dewan?nak guna untuk next year insyaAllah =) TQ!!

7's baby said...

hi diyana..

can u give me your email?

nor haliza said...

hi there,

was wondering whether u could email me the map as well... nak buat card..

thanx in advanced..

lyn said...

hi there, can you e-mail me the phone no for the catering, dais, walkway, seats cover and also the map to Dewan Banquet MBSA? you can e-mail me at : outrageouslyn@yahoo.com

Much appreciated.


lyn said...

Can you please e-mail me the contact number and the package for dais, walkway, catering, seat covers that you use for your wedding at Dewan Banquet Shah Alam?
And e-mail me the map to go there as well.

You can e-mail me at :

Much appreciated. Thank you!


lydcinko said...

hye..nanti weding saya dkt mbsa shah alam..n nak buat invitation card sendiri..but sy belum jumpa map untuk ke MBSA shah alam..bley share peta lokasi banquet mbsa shah alam tue tak?thanks sgt!! =)

KL POP! said...

Hi just nak tnye masa u sewa dewan tu, lapik meja and kerusi mbsa tak provide kan? Caterer ke yg provide atau mcm mana eh? I really hope u can help me on this. Thanks annaaziz176@gmail.com