Tuesday, March 16, 2010

urghhh... lapa ...

kekekke .. its gettin into me dah ni.. hunger pangs! gosh... the supplement should be making me feel full kan? it should be.. but why do i feel hungry.. aha!!!! (kekekek smack my on head) i have it for breakfast this morning.. and now look at the time.. its 2pm!!!

anyway... i have been on the diet for almost 2 weeks! haih la.. except i had rice over two consecutive weekend.. and my weight is still reducing... only 2gms.. ahaaahhha whatever! asalkan turun!

anyway... this week... nyer pre-plan menu (since i really need to reduce some serious whopping 5 pounds) .. lalalalala my kebaya pelpel still waiting anxiously for me to get into her.. (soon my precious.. soon!!) kekekekke ..

monday: i ate 2 herbalife + chicken soup + 2 slices of bread + 2 slices of asyura cake (its rice + meat thingy) .hahahah sounds byk gile..

tuesday: 2 herbalife meal + milo for dinner
wednesday: 2 herbalife meal + milo for dinner
thursday: 2 herbalife meal + milo for dinner
friday: 2 herbalife meal + dinner with parents in law.

please please let me see no 5 in front of the scale.... hiks hiks

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