Wednesday, March 10, 2010

:) sabah again.

arrived KK this morning.. and now sitting in my office in KK. hiks hiks.. it was supposed to be henry's.. but since he left APS.. i got this room for my use. i'll take some pictures later.. ahaks..

anyway.. i am dead sleepy.. and my meeting is postponed to later this afternoon. taking a 1 hour rest before i proceed with my protection coordination study.

urghhh... heard that.. more protection work is coming in... (i dreaded the work.. its not as fun as doing the interconnection or any transient studies.. and engineering design is sooo me! i love all the transient phenomena.. i have yet to encounter any major problem yet... and i need some exitement! ahaks) am looking forward to model arc model and transformer remnance flux..

aih anyway.. cape here i come, BLUWEK

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