Monday, March 15, 2010

it was a beautiful wedding.. alhamdulillah.

kekek ironically i dont have a single picture of the wedding coming from my pinky cam! since pinky cam ran out of battery and .... kekekekeke

but anyway.. its a beautiful wedding indeed... LOVE LOVE LOVE the dais!!! and the solemnization make-up.. and the bride's dress was nothing but perfect!

but one thing... the event went soo fast.. i couldnt remember most of it.. ahahaha gosh... maybe i had something else's in my mind...

well...another thing came up yesterday... colonel jamil was admitted to the hospital on saturday due to septicemia .. blood poisoning. col papa went under a prostate biopsy on Friday and later that day.. he found himself feverish. went to selayang hospital the next day.. and found that his blood is contaminated! gosh.. later they found that the rod that they were using for the biopsy is contaminated... haih...

anyway.. off to visit him again tomorow. Insyallah.. but as for today... I am in my laziest MODE evah! hiks hiks

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