Wednesday, March 17, 2010

saya budak sgt malas..

saya sgt malassssss .. jadi mari main tangkap2 gambar using the newly found function in my laptop.. ecececeh speaking of buta-IT.. whatever.. i have TONNES of work! 3 concurrent project running and i dont feeling like using my brain at all!!! ada aci? feels like saying...

anyway.. i tried the newly found love .. how to wear the hijab... i think i love it.. hihi.. okeh goodbyessss tie rack? ahahahah maybe.. but i'll keep on the tie rack for meetings and official things..

lets haf fun with the camera..

okay dah insaf kekeke i have about 2hrs 15 minutes.. to:

1. do the protection coordination
2. check the newly added relay.. put in cape and pass to the girls to do it.. i analyse it tomorow
3. need to check out the single pole reclosing scheme for 275kV breaker..


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