Thursday, March 04, 2010

alaaaa.... when you are reaching 30.. everything starts to wrinkle!!!

alamak!!! today.. while working i noticed my sweet comel hands.. looks old!!! (demm you aircond!!!) it looks dry!!!! I need anti-aging cream STAT!! oh saya perlu ke body shop!!! i used to put on body shop vit e product.. and its good... skrg selepas mandi saya harus menyapu lotion! MESTI!!!! sebelum menjadi berkedut!!!!

OMG! i am going to be 30 in 68 days... shivers me timbers!!!

oh! oh! and i need to reduce my stress level!!! or i'll end up.. having wrinkles on my forehead before i knew it... and yeah!!! dear fatty me.. please shed some weight off ...

i need all the above... lalala... pocket runs dry!!! sigh sigh sigh.... eh APS bile nyer nak Bonus *coughcepatlahsikitbonusbulan3ninaksimapnduitbagitinggibukitbuatpecough*

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