Tuesday, March 09, 2010

tuesday: quick entry

hiks hiks.. i am a wee proud of myself (for surviving this far) ihiks... and i shall remain steadfast! anyway... I am still overweight!! (yes yes.. i am only 158cm tall.. which is not tall at all ihiks..)

looking forward to see 5 in front the scale again.. and perhaps 4.. whoa there.!!!! 4 is little bit ambitious.. but 5 yes definitely!!

anyway.. looking at the BMI scale.. I am still FAT.

I dont actually have any self esteem problem... i dont have any problem mingling with people... i dont hide behind anybody for any reason... and that is the main reason why I am gaining weight day by day... ahahahah I dont really care..

the only problem I have at this very moment!!! I cant get into my jeans anymore!!! all of em!!! ALL!!! except 1 which i bought few months ago! and my shirts... my beautiful shirts..

anyway enuf of the weight business...

off to sabah again tomorow.. and baby's big day is tomorrow!!! weeeeee!!! Selamat berjaya.. and may Allah blessed all of you and whatever you've worked for.

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