Thursday, March 04, 2010

confession of a workaholic.

well.. its about time i make a little confession.. :) (well baby.. im writing this in between me writing the final protection report on the whole S**** grid)

i always cheat my diet program! ahaks.. (telling myself that nobody would know ahahahah and comforting myself back after eating all the no-no's) but i think its about time i stop all the hanky panky.. (ye baby! hiks hiks.. kalau i makan nasi.. i akan ckp makan nasi.. no more bluff wahahahaha)

hiks hiks its almost noon now.. and i havent finish my planned 1.5 liter of water before noon! and its already lunch time haih!!

how time flies.. i started opening this entry @ 11 am.. hiks hiks.. seems that i need to performed few more simulations to get this thing done! sigh!!!!!

BTW, i got a new inspiration! and yes i love it!!! love it! love it..
i will reveal on it very soon..

anyway.. what did i consumed and plan to consume this week.
1. monday : 3/4 plate of rice + pecal ayam (dinner) + 20 mins exercise.
2. tuesday : 4 spoon of rice vermicelli + soup (dinner) + no exercise..slept at 4
3. wednesday: 4 spoon of rice (kekek spoon ok) + 1 whole fish + fermented soy (eceh.. tempe! ahaks) (lunch) + no exercise too tired because of the sleepless night.
4. Thursday: im planning to have soup for tonight. :)
5. Friday: fish! only fish. ahahahaha demm
6. Saturday: Kemaman (oh no!!!!! no food!) only 1 sattar is allowed. gosh kena exercise ni duk kemaman... )
7. Sunday: Haipeng's breakfast! ahahah coffee+eggs (contemplating on eating nasi dagang.. alalal)

susahnya nak kurus..

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