Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jalan2 makan... pastu.. GEMUK!! urghhhhh

welll .. its been a while i didnt treat myself with good food... (welll ... got to lay off tony romas, chilis.. italianies.. for a while maybe for a year... ) i need to stabilize my monthly cashflow!! urghhh i hate seeing my account condition... last weekend.. i really had a blast! treat baby at satay Vs. Pizza in Kota kemuning.. then off to gastro-tour at taiping!!!
Satay Vs. Pizza
start ngan satay.. 10 cucuk... for rm7.00 which is slightly above the normal rate (but hey... the restaurant is sooo comfy...)
anyway, if you are not 'that' hungry, this portion of satay is enuf to feed for 2!
the kuah kacang not too sweet, its perfect!

next, we opt for the pizza (what la if the kedai named satay vs pizza.. you should try both). :)
we opt for pizza mexicana.. with beef and 'cili padi!'. I just love when they try to mix anything with cili padi.. i fancy spicy food (but i cant really stand them... *teheee *teheee)

the pizza was PURRFECT! ... and its price at the normal pizza rate (so if you got the chance to get a non-fast-food chain pizza...

the cheese... you can see the beef pepperoni.. sgtlah byk.. and yummy (mind you i just ate 2 slice! miahahahahah) it is sooo tasty!! tak rugi membeli.... :)... lastly for the desert.. i choose the bana fritter (was wandering if its any better with treats banana fritters.. ) mmg tak sesedap... treats....

journey to taiping!!!!

one evening.. abg pejal berkata.. "nak ikut gi taiping tak?".. without any second thought on the invitation i almost jump.. (kalau lah tak sedebab sekarang.. they would noticed.. miahahahha) the journey to taiping starts late.. baby went to telekom mende lah.. to hear some business presentation.. with erol... kami gerak at approx 1.30 pm... the journey took us about 2 and half hours (mind you i naik jet!! miahahahahah biasalah ngan kuasa V-power).. abg pejal bawak kete 160km/j... tak takuk la sebab tak rase (maybe mcm ni lah schumacher rase x3) kekekekekke

first stop.. ke rumah perantin... they have already starts packing when we arrived.. (weh.. baru kol 4.. how come.. but then again.. there's still food for us!) for rm5/head.. theres ayam goreng/ayam masak merah/daging kurma/daging masak apa ntah mcm sambal ada kicap dendeng-like and sedap/plus kual dal!!! whut!!!! mesti tak dapat byk camni kalau kat KEMAMAN (well i just realised.. makanan di kemaman sgtlah mahal!)

next stop.. to kedai mi udang di port weld ... oh gosh.. there are soo many kedai mi udang here.... (sroottttt.. there goes my sinus!) .. oh before anything let me introduce to you the troop... there's abg pejal, kamil, baby, abg yee, abg adi, kak ngah and her husband abg shukor...

mmg best... you can either eat the udang.. or the mee udang.. in which.. both of it SGT lah sedap... mmg berasa! so if you ever come to taiping.. dont forget to taste this evertasty mee udang!!! :)

next entry... wil be on the ice cream!!! :)

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