Monday, March 30, 2009

why do i work like a crazy maniac?

believe me... i am a workaholic.. i work and work and work.. (kekek as baby might say.. i am not.,. i just manipulate the word work! ) ahaks..

but then again.. why do i work like a crazy maniac? simple... it is by genetic i inhereted from my parents.. whom i do believe.. are a real-100percent-genuine workaholics!!

and i hate myself for that!!! you see... when at first.. i tod.,. yeah.. maybe because i like the job.. thats y i am soo into it.. but as time goes by.. i just realise.. that i am a workaholic!! urghhhh .. i just love any job!! kekekkekeke

anyway, here i am 8 days to my wedding day... i am 'manipulating the word work again'.. trying to complete kan my interconnection report.. ngeeeeeee

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