Monday, March 30, 2009

i have something in my mind bothering me!

well basically, i am beyond the unimaginative vivid world of mine.. when comes to dressing GREAT..
the thing is.. i always dressed as i like... ahaks.. whenever i think i feel comfortable.. i never dress to impress.. (well i am a bull, a taurus by my born-star.. so my main trait is.. i always feel good) I have to admit.. i am comot... very the very dearly comot :)
now.. i am getting married in 8 days!.. i have to make a change... hiks hiks... takkan lah nak comot bila dah jadik bini org... aaaaaa

dress to impress your other half adalah kerja yang susah..... its a burden! its a real burden! and i need to impress my wardrobe for my baby...

lalallalalaa... note to myself.. how not to be comot!!!

kekekkeke anyways, the persiapan kahwin agak *ntah*... i really dunno how will the hantaran looks like... tak buat lagi!! miahahahha minggu depan hari isnin atau selasa siaplah tuh! :) ngengengenge.. kene siapkan kerja yang macam hantu nih dulu

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