Sunday, June 01, 2008

henry jones, Jojo's sister wedding and an enlightnment!!!!

it was another eventful weekend (erk.. yer ke bek? hiihihihh) malas betul sebenarnyer nak beractivity since i hasnt finish my thesis proposal yet.. it is somewhere in the NOWHERE part.. i tell you! when it comes to create an original piece of information to be shared to others.. it is one hell of a very tough job!

i was like errr... i hadnt done much reading yet... humbleness or just being too self aware.. anyway, the reading hasnt gone great in any way! i will start to doze off 5 minutes after the first chapter!!! ahahahahah if lah kan my supervisor read this.. she will definitely be worried!!!

I need to read and write more.... which i guess i will end up with tonnes of summaries from papers, books etc etc.

My beloved fiancee is sleeping under the table... he insist in accompanying me throughout this lengthy session! ahahhaah sayang babyku! he is by all far the most cheeky person i have ever met with a slight touch of loving and caring.. miahahahah tapi takmo tunjuk konon... i know you love me and i love you soo dearly!!!

i need to stop now! will write later in the day!!! happy sunday!

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