Tuesday, June 17, 2008

baby golfer saya

Heheheh I am watching my baby jadik golfer today..its been a while baby saya tak eksesais.. And I needed some fresh air.. I suggested baby gi pokol and I can have my fresh air and a beautiful view of baby's back ahem!I promised to drive today, so baby reached aps at aprox 740pm.. First stop.. My fav sandwich shop in kk.. Got my turkey ham sandwich and off to the range.. One thing I've noticed bout golfers is dat they are very extremely quite!! Ahaahaha imagine if groups of mck2 came to the range! I bet byklah bola2 yang bertempiaran lari miahahahah btw, my turkey ham sandwich sangatlah sedap!!! I really can spent days watching baby and enjoying my time at the range!!! The only time when I really think that I can sit still and behave! Kan bek!! Hiks hiks! Anyway, laju betul bek hari ni.. Selalu he will take his time.. Maybe sebab dah lama tak pokol kot!! Oh btw, milo kat drange ni pon sedap.. Antara milo yang best kat shah alam ni! Ahaks.. There goes me reviewing about the food.. When I should watch bek and learn! Baby is having his breathing support session! I can really go on and on and on and on writing but then again I might end up with strawberry shortcakes recipe instead of my golfing activities with baby!! So au revoir! Till tomorow!

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