Monday, June 09, 2008

kung fu panda @ signature

ok.. i was like really really wanted to go and watch kung fu panda... hik shiks... and baby bawak gi tgk kat signature... baby bawak... and me banjer the tix and baby banjer makan... hiks hiks... we were aiming for the fried calamari atau nama tak glamernyer sotong goreng @ italianies... but then we were 5 minutes too late... deng!!! we wnet to the sports bar instead to have our usual supper together... and the fried calamari @sportsbar is ewww!!! ahahha here are some pictures from our movie trip on saturday! oh btw (the euro is here!!) psssttt.... my guess jeans done wonders!! i look 10kg thinner.. yeah rite!!!!!!!

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