Monday, July 30, 2007

denis's leaving

I am particularly unhappy today.. but anyway i'm relieved being quite sometimes being unable to tell anybody bout denis leaving.... i'm sad.. totally.. but anyway its good for him... (as he promised me to teach anything that he'll learn there...)

anyway, he'll be in glasgow.. and insyallah i will vist him in glasgow.... (i bet he'll love glasgow as much as I had enjoyed the city)

well... thinking of working abroad...i love it... maybe.. in the next 5 years i'll make move...
but as far as i'm concern... i have another 4 years to go....

:) I like working in APS... and insyallah and hopefully i will continue liking the the place for the next 4 years... hiks hiks.. i cant be a person who condemn my own workplace hiks hiks (its just unfair.. i'm taking their money.. they can have my energy... its a binding contract....) thats why i cant never be politically on the opposition site... I am a government sponsored student (somehow i owed them).. talking about the price of my loyalty.... :P

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