Tuesday, January 13, 2009

langkawi trip

hiks hiks i really need to be brief... since i have too many things to do .. i'm off to bandung next week..okay... thanks to mommiemonstah for the trip.. she really wants to take the whole family for the trip.. kekekek keluar duit blanje nak beli barang2 sendiri ajer.. thanks ma! nnt kitorg kaya.. kitorg blanje ma plak..


day 1: january 5th 2009

8.20 am : we board the AK6292 (airasia) to langkawi... hiks hiks thanks to najmi.. penat2 pindah rumah pon still tolong hantar ke LCCT... had breakfast at the mcdonalds.. and off we go

9 am.. we arrive early in langkawi... aaaa baby plak rasa his jaw hurts during landing... its all because of the pressure and the blocked sinus... ahaks went to pick up our rented van.. (uuuuu... a nice clean serena..) nasib baik contact baby .. so we get to rent the serena @ rm105 per day...

arrived in langkasuka resort.. t'was okay... and clean.. but the front desk need some improvement...

since it was still early for us to check in.. we went to kuah town.. for a brief walk.... and we had lunch at pantai chenang....

oh yearp.. need to write here.. all of us was too exhausted to go anywhere on the first day.. baby hurt his back while helping me cleaning up no.9... we left our house for renovation actually!

8.00 pm.. we off for dinner... well it is very hard to find good restaurant in chenang... or maybe.. we are not lucky enough in finding such place! the dinner wassss ... alrite.. altho i think... they are too slow.....

off to bed very early that nite....

day 2: january 6th 2009

aaaa..... its 6.00 am and mommy dah siap2 mandi.. and she woke us up for the subuh prayer!! me, iza and mommy share the same room, while baby and apis enjoying another room for themselves.

Day 2 breakfast: kekekekekek the breakfast was superb!

8.40 am - 2 pm :thiks hiks.. its ISLAND hoping day!!!! ok... thank you for the valuable info from baby! that the trip would be enjoyable.. and believe me.. it was!!!

i actually not afraid of the deep sea.. thanks to baby!!! ahaks.. altho.. i never stop praying in my heart.. kekek hoping for a safe journey... first stop! pulau dayang bunting!!! omg... a must go places in malaysia.... next... we went to see the eagles.. and finally.. a trip to pulau pasir basah.. ke beras basah... we arrive back at the hotel approximately 2pm

2-3 pm.. lunch " restoran hj ramli... one word!! PEDAS!!! omg... i almost fainted! kekekekeke

4 pm... a visit to the loaf!! wuhoooooooo best best... i must say.. i am very impress of tun's business... not too expensive!! and i would suggest everyone to come to the loaf!

8.00 pm.. we had dinner @ the hotel... not a very pleasant thing happened... a rude waitress incident ruin the trip.. and we hit the karaoke bar afterwards.. while waiting to pick up kak ni from the airport..

10.40... kak ni arrived! yay! adhwa is here!!! yay!!!!

12-3 am... a game of gynrummy!! or jeremy...

day 3: shopping day! NOT!!!! we spent the day.. at the cable car!! hiks hiks haih... to fulfill baby's dream of scaring me to death! huh! dream on baby.. dream on!! I survived! muahahahahahahah

dinner at USSR... i love the restaurant! i love the food!!!

day 4... kekekekekek packing lalalalalallaalla and shopping and packing and shopping.. and we had the most delicious nasi ayam in langkawi... kedai pak haji ya!... mmg pak aji suko!! ahaks

mommiemonstah ordered two whole chicken for us.. and we finish 'membaham - since there is no such words to describe the eating action'

haih.. to many too write.... later

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