Friday, January 30, 2009

kelas mengaji Al-Quran, kursus kahwin and HIV test

hiks hiks... i m searching for kelas mengaji Al-quran.. i need to read the Quran in front of a teacher hiks hiks so that he/she can correct me.. whenever i'm wrong...

so far i have found a person in sek 7 who is willing to teach.. will check her out later this week... (need to remind baby to meet tok imam.. nak book time kahwin.. :).. and asked him to witnessed my majlis khatam Al-Quran)..

tomorow, we are going to bangsar to attend the marriage course (its a must!! and at the end of the month.. we are going to do the HIV test) hopefully everything is ok! and i am planning to do the talasemia test as well!

aaa... will need to ask papa to sign few borang! urghh... i always find it hard whenever i have to deal with parents!!

anyway... we will siapkan the wedding card as well (60 days to go!) haih.... i will be his soon.... very soon... property of '7'

hiks hiks (excited ala ala gedik!! miahahahahah)


sanchez7 said...

tu la org kata jgn makan "spacecake" byk2 kan mata dah stone kekeke

7's baby said...

alaaaa nape cakap ngan org we had spacecake beforehand!!!!!! grrr &#^$*

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