Friday, December 19, 2008

Mak Datin Terlampau..

this is a response to yesterday's news... come on mak datin!! does the title Datin gives you the right to be soo arrogant!! in this time of distress.. i do think that the mak datin should just be thankful.. that only her house that had be taken back by The Almighty.. not her life!!
its Friday.. our auspicious day in a week.. be thankful for the life we still have, be thankful because we live in a country where the fellow countrymen.. are willing to give their very best in helping you!!! (of course mak datin.. you too can build the bridge in 6 hours.. we know you do.. )
oh btw, what happened yesterday was.. there's this mak datin OVERHEARD the fellow armymen who was there HELPING the victims.. talking to themselves saying 'its stupid to build a house there!'.. IT IS STUPID!! when you already knew that the place is very landslide prone.. and that this is not the first time!! .. logically it is stupid!
points to ponder...'we always being scolded by the one who helped us... its true.. but that doesnt mean that they are not sincere in helping right?'.....
dear mak datin.. i think its the best time to change your attitude.. too much of a silly mak datin's news la!... datin doesnt mean you have to be 'difficult' ...

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