Thursday, December 18, 2008

cicakman disaster!

i could not believe how CHEAP the movie was! everything.. i mean EVERYTHING looks cheap!! I am telling about the cicakman's set, the CGI (ni kene tipu dek omputih), the make up artist, cinematography.. i am definitely absolutely flabbergasted!!

its just a waste, when the talent casted for the movie was giving their 110%.. shukri's hashim acting was very convincing.. thankfully.. apek's comedic scene was all the help that the movie can get..
and at one point during the movie, i wsa already loosing my patient (i dont know.. how to enjoy the movie.. when to laugh... when to smile.. ahahaahah i just felt dumb!).. the story is too dragging and i think one word to describe it best!.. IT LACKS OF INTELLIGENT!!!! the evil plot wasnt that evil.. the storyline was shabby! the villains are nonsense...
macam org malas buat kerja.. cicakman 1.. was far more better than cicakman 2.. the movie just degraded the cicakman high expectation status,,

i should have opted for doraemon the movie instead!

oh oh!!!... ANTooFIGHTER is much much more worth of watching than this piece of crap.. and LOS n FAUN is in their own league.. go and watch LOS dan Faun..!!

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