Monday, April 07, 2008

its a blue monday! huk huk huk

definitely! i miss my baby badly! i just cant figure out why i cant get enough of him.. we did spent the weekend together... but i just cant figure out why!
anyway.. we are looking for another busy year for APS, alhamdulillah... rezeki melimpah2 hiks hiks.. i personally are very proud of my company... anyhoo... rezeki means there will be tonnes of works awaiting! but who cares!! we will be able to do it! silam coal-fired power plant has been cancelled and there are needs to study on the sab-sar interconnection.. (i wish i could take part in the project! i was assigned to the bloody capbank study since 2006!) hehehhe anyway anyway cant wait for 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2008!
and baby!.. gear up! its gonna be a roller coaster after this! there will be ups and down but insyallah... we'll go thru it together

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