Sunday, December 16, 2007

now I know why it is called I AM LEGEND

hiks hiks.... been working very hard extra hard to complete the capacito bank study.. anyway,
Today.. Rosidi invites the APS'er to his house for dinner.. erk AGAIN erkekekeke well.. last time was barbeque nite... and tonite dinner is compliment of mama yie... nasi kerabu... best best.. sgt best... most of the APS'er present.. after dinner nurul invite the both of us to join them to watch I Am Legend.. hik hik..
Good GOD!!! fictional as it is... entertaining and will smith has delivered it well.. again.. .. anyway, had a flat tyre on the way to the cinema.. and we were still at kinrara.. and definitely late!!! biler lah baby kelis langgar paku pun taktau lah...
anyway, went back to the office approximately 3 in the morning and started to do TRV studies...
hop to finish it by today!!! and a protection coodintion report s well! hiks hiks

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