Saturday, February 14, 2009

wedding favor

well... i have a lot.. and loads of thing i want to write about.. hiks hiks but let me start by saying!!! yay!! yay!!! the cards have been sent for printing, the banquent hall favor have been decided.. and whats important is that we managed to cut the budget to almost 1/3 of the original plan.. talk about being savvy! i know its very hard nowadays to find a perfect wedding favor that looks elegant yet afffordable. The thing is with malay wedding... is the volume! everything has to be big and extravagant! aiseh... wish i was a superstar rite now.. so i dont have to buy me own wedding dress as everything is being sponsored by some designers... btw... this is my first tailored designer dress.. hope it will turn out very very extremely fine... or salikin sidek will definitely need to answer for it...


Dayu said...

insya allah
baju tu mesti akan jadik spt yg kamu mahu..dah byr mahal2 kan..
kata established designer..
mesti tak mengecewakan

betul la...bab favor ni mmg pening
nak best...harga pun best

7's baby said...

hi dayu.. insyaAllah... ahaks.. next month br fitting!

i saw your egg basket.. mmg rajin.. dan cantik i will post on my wedding favor.. and tell me what do you think