Saturday, September 15, 2007

its my turn to cook dinner...

i dont know how i could end up.. surrendering to mummy to cook for dinner tonite.. ehehehe'
so i have made up my mind!! THE MENU!
1 grilled chicken (whole bird)
spagetti boloignese
mash potatoes
cream soup (filled into a home made bread)
cream puffs
and a bread pudding
will ask mommy to make her popiah..
i will need to shops for the ingredients.. will post on the picture later.... hopefully it'll turned out just fine!!!! owh and baby will be having the dinner wit us as well...

1 comment:

sanchez7 said...

The chicken was good. The spaghetti...hmm...source sedap..hmm..spaghetti...keras skit..the soup was ok...lamb superb..and my fav bread pudding..slurp..

~anton ego~