Monday, August 13, 2007

along came the spider

I was adamant to study last weekend (in full swing) had my topic ready what to read... yada yada in the end just to find myself at the curve with baby and his carnal...
baby, afat, bob, najmi, johar n later were joined by suman(g) n raksase gerodoks n ja...
(speaking of roses among the thorns) :) happy2 people they were...

the score: baby 245
me 235

key study skills
+ Removing distractions and improving concentration
(errr.... remove baby?)
+ Maintaining a balance between homework and other activities
(balance check.... the curve 24 : study 0 nope not balance at all)
+ Reducing stress, such as that caused by test anxiety
(no test just the self appraisal session.. demm i'm lost)
+ Strategies for writing essays
no strategies for the thesis yet...
+ Speed reading
my eyes.. owh my eyes... i cant see...
+ Notetaking
err... lost my coloured pen
+ Subject-specific study strategies
Insulation Coordination
+ Preparing for exams
err exams? dunt have one

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